Al Shohada Hotel

Al Shohada Hotel, a five star property, is ideally situated within the close proximity of the holy Al Masjid Al Haram and offers 502 elegant rooms and suites. 
Al Shohada Hotels offers outside laundry services, a business center, in-house mosque for up to 300 persons, Interflora worldwide services,  2 fully equipped modern kitchens that can meet any demand for preparing culinary for thousands of guest, 11 elevators + escalators eventually eradicate the waiting time of the guests especially during the prayer times, fully equipped Helipad on the rooftop and handicapped facilities.

High Rating

Five- star hotel that offers their guests the highest levels of luxury through unforgettable hospitality

Quiet Hours

During quiet hours loud noises are directly handled.

Best Locations

Just a few minutes walking distance from the Al Masjid Al Haram

Free Cancellation

You will be given a refund if the cancellation is done within the stipulated time.

Payment Options

Pay any way you choose, we support all payment options.

Special Offers

Our seasonal special offers allow you to indulge in a wonderful experience.

Things to do near

823 square meters shopping arcades inside and outside the hotel, including high-quality local touch merchandises as well as international branded items shops.


Nice Welcoming



Al Shohada Hotel, is a five star property that  ideally offers unforgettable stays in 494 elegant rooms and suites.

Payment methods

Pay any way you choose, we support all payment options.

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